Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharm-Hons)

Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharm-Hons)


To develop pharmacists through innovative pharmaceutical education, practice and research to improve the healthcare of local and global communities.


  • a) To prepare tomorrow’s pharmacist who will professionally as well as ethically and socially responsible.
  • b) To provide an academic environment to think critically, lead, and work consistently across professions and fields.
  • c) To meet and improve society’s health, wellness and health care.

The Program Educational Objectives (PEO)

  • PEO-1: To prepare graduates to be qualified pharmacists capable of working in pharmaceutical industry, community, hospital, clinic and other pharmacy sectors.
  • PEO-2: To produce pharmacist having skills and ability equivalent to International standards of pharmacy practice.
  • PEO-3: To impart scientific knowledge with regard to professional code of ethics for the identification, formulations, preparation, standardization, quality control as well as safe and effective management of drugs.
  • PEO-4: To conduct scientific and clinical researches.

Program Learning Outcomes (PLO)

After completion of the B. Pharm (Hon’s) program, graduates are expected to achieve the following Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs), as given below —

  • PLO-1: Create, select, and apply appropriate techniques, resources, and modern pharmaceutical engineering tools including prediction and modeling to complex pharmacy activities for the design and development of different drugs and dosage forms in accordance with the standard monographs
  • PLO-2: Understand the molecular, cellular, and physiological mechanisms underlying normal functions of the cell/tissue/organ as well as pathophysiology of any deviation.
  • PLO-3: Acquire in-depth knowledge on microbial pathogenesis, host-parasite interactions, and immune system to defense and prevent diseases with respect to microbes.
  • PLO-4: Study, identify, and describe the medicinal plants and functional foods that confer health benefits, and contain bio-active compounds.
  • PLO-5: Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness and prevent adverse outcome of drug therapy through pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics considerations.
  • PLO-6: Exhibit exemplary legal, ethical, and professional conducts complying with all national and international pharmacy laws and regulations.
  • PLO-7: Demonstrate the ability to use modern pharmaceutical tools, software, and equipment to analyze, and problem solving for the provision of high quality, evidence-based pharmacy services and patient care.
  • PLO-8: Conduct research and develop excellent writing (e.g., abstract, manuscripts, and project reports), presentation, interpersonal oral communication skills, and teamwork spirit.

Admission Test

Application for admission to Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons) shall be invited through an announcement in the National/Local Dailies and IIUC website twice a year. The deserving candidates have to apply through IIUC website or web link Students are admitted through a competitive written test. Usually questions paper are designed as semi broad & MCQ Type. Marks allocation of admission test are:

Admission Requirements

  • Total GPA 6.50 in SSC/Dakhil & HSC/Alim but scoring not less than GPA 3.00 without additional subject in any individual examination. Minimum 'B' grade in Biology & Chemistry and 'D' grade in Physics & Mathematics in HSC/Alim is a must; OR
  • Minimum 5 (five) subjects in O level and 2 (two) major subjects in A level with minimum ‘B’ grade in 4 subjects and ‘C’ grade in 3 subjects. Minimum 'B' grade in Biology & Chemistry and 'D' grade in Physics & Mathematics in A level is a must.


A student shall have to pay Tk. 6,16,816/- for completing Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharm-Hons) degree as per the following break up:

SL Description Amount
1 Admission Fees (Once & non-refundable) Tk. 30,000/-
2 Semester Fees (Tk. 14,000 × 8) Tk. 1,12,000/-
3 Tuition Fees:
DC: 2,485 x 156 = 3,87,660/-
URC: 1,100 x 9 = 9,900/-
Tk. 3, 97,560/-
4 Exam Fees (Tk. 100 × 165 CH ) Tk. 16,500/-
5 Establishment Fees (Tk. 4,000 × 8) Tk. 32,000/-
6 LAB Fees (Tk. 3,000 × 8) Tk. 24,000/-
7 Library Development Fee Tk. 2,000/-
8 Orientation Fee Tk. 2,500/-
9 Pharmacy Council Fee Tk. 300/-
10 Rover Scout Fee Tk. 16/-
Total Fees and Charges: Tk. 6,16,816/-

Semester-wise Payable Fess:

* First Installment (During Admission): Tk. 1,00,776/-

* Second to onward Installment (During Semester Registration):

SL Description Amount
1 Semester Fees Tk. 14,000/-
2 Tuition Fees:
2,485 x No. of CH of DC Courses
1,100 x No. of CH of URC Courses
Tk. *****/-
3 Exam Fees:
Tk. 100 × No. of CH of total registered Courses
Tk. *****/-
4 Establishment Fees Tk. 4,000/-
5 LAB Fees Tk. 3,000/-
Semester-wise Total Fees and Charges: To be counted

DC = Departmental Course, URC = University Requirement Course

Chemistry Biology General English General Knowledge (Analytical Aptitude) Viva SSC & HSC GPA Total
30 30 25 15 10 10 120

Admission Period

Students are admitted into “Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons)” program twice a year as follows:

Semester Period Application Period Admission Test
Spring January – June September - October November - December
Autumn July – December March - April May - June


To complete the Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons.) program at the International Islamic University Chittagong, normally takes four academic years (i.e. 8 Semesters). Each academic year is divided into 2 Semesters (Spring Semester: January – June and Autumn Semester: July – December), each having a duration of 15 weeks (5×15=75 working days). There shall be a Mid-term Examination after conducting 6 weeks classes. 9 Weeks of classes will be conducted after Mid-term examination and after that Final Examination will take place at the end of each semester.

The duration of theory classes shall be of 60 minutes. One unit of theory (1T) is normally 3 credit hours and 3 contact hours. One unit of Lab. (1L) is 1 credit hour and 2 contact hours. There shall be assignments, class tests, mid-term, final exam, thesis/ project/ internship, presentations, viva- voce, industry visits, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. In order to graduate, total 165 credit hours has to be undertaken and completed by a student during 8 semesters.

Grading System

The Grading System for assessing the performance of the students shall be as follows:

Marks (%) Letter Grade Grade Point Remarks
80-100 A + 4.00 Excellent
75–79 A 3.75 Very Good
70–74 A- 3.50
65–69 B+ 3.25 Good
60–64 B 3.00
55–59 B- 2.75 Satisfactory
50–54 C+ 2.50
45–49 C 2.25 Pass
40–44 D 2.00
00–39 F 0.00 Fail

Calculation of GPA and CGPA

GPA: Grade Point Average (GPA) is computed by dividing the total grade point earned by the number of credit hours attempted in a particular semester.

CGPA: Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) is computed by dividing the total grade point earned by the total number of credit hours attempted at the diploma courses up to that point of time.

Achieving minimum GPA in each semester

A student shall have to obtain minimum GPA 2.00 in each semester.

Achieving minimum GPA in for awarding degree

A student shall have to obtain minimum CGPA 2.50 for awarding degree.

Summary of Courses

Summary of Courses:

Course Type Details No. of Courses Total C.H
Non- Departmental Courses General Education Courses 09 13
Departmental Courses Basic Science Courses 02 04
Pharmacy Core Courses 74 146/td>
ICT 01 02
Total 86 165

Semester wise number of courses & credits hours

Semester No. Of Courses Theoretical (C.H.) Laboratory (C.H.) Total C.H
1st 10 18 02 20
2nd 12 17 05 22
3rd 10 16 03 19
4th 10 17 03 20
5th 10 16 4 20
6th 12 18 04 22
7th 09 19 02 21
8th 09 15 06 21
Total 86 136 29 165

Semester wise Courses:

Semester Number: 1
SL Course Code Course Name Credit Hours Prerequisite
1 UREL-1106 Advanced English 2
2 PHARM-1107 Cell Biology and Anatomy 3
3 COMP-1101 Computer Fundamentals 2
4 PHARM-1101 Inorganic Pharmacy-I 2
5 PHARM-1109 Introduction to Pharmacy 2
6 PHARM-1103 Organic Pharmacy 3
7 PHARM-1104 Organic Pharmacy Lab 1
8 PHARM-1105 Physical Pharmacy-I 3
9 PHARM-1106 Physical Pharmacy-I Lab 1
10 UREM-1101 Text of Ethics and Morality 1
Semester Number: 2
SL Course Code Course Name Credit Hours Prerequisite
1 PHARM-1210 Basic Mathematics and Statistics Lab 1
2 PHARM-1209 Basic Mathematics and Statistics 3
3 URED-1201 Basic Principles of Islam (‘Aqidah and ’Ibadah) 2
4 Pharm-1207 Human Physiology-I 3 PHARM-1107
5 Pharm-1208 Human Physiology-I Lab 1
6 Pharm-1202 Inorganic Pharmacy Lab 1
7 Pharm-1201 Inorganic Pharmacy-II 2 PHARM-1101
8 Pharm-1213 Oral Assessment-I 1
9 Pharm-1203 Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry-I 3
10 Pharm-1204 Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry-I Lab 1
11 Pharm-1205 Physical Pharmacy-II 3
12 Pharm-1206 Physical Pharmacy-II Lab 1 PHARM-1106
Semester Number: 3
SL Course Code Course Name Credit Hours Prerequisite
1 Pharm-2301 Basic Pharmaceutics 2
2 Pharm-2305 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology-I 2
3 URED-2305 Comparative Religion 3
4 Pharm-2307 Human Physiology-II 3 PHARM-1207
5 Pharm-2308 Human Physiology-II Lab 1
6 PHARM-2311 Pathology 2
7 Pharm-2310 Pharmaceutical Microbiology and Immunology Lab 1
8 Pharm-2309 Pharmaceutical Microbiology and Immunology-I 3
9 Pharm-2303 Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry-II 3 PHARM-1203
10 Pharm-2304 Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry-II Lab 1
11 URED-2302 Sciences of Qur’an and Hadith 1
Semester Number: 4
SL Course Code Course Name Credit Hours Prerequisite
1 GEBL-2401 Bengali Language and Literature 2
2 Pharm-2404 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Lab 1
3 Pharm-2403 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology-II 2 PHARM-2305
4 Pharm-2413 Oral Assessment-II 1 PHARM-1213
5 PHARM-2409 Pharmaceutical Analysis-I 3
6 PHARM-2410 Pharmaceutical Analysis-I Lab 1
7 Pharm-2407 Pharmaceutical Microbiology and Immunology-II 3 PHARM-2309
8 Pharm-2401 Pharmaceutical Technology-I 3 PHARM-2301
9 Pharm-2402 Pharmaceutical Technology-I Lab 1
10 Pharm-2405 Pharmacology-I 3
Semester Number: 5
SL Course Code Course Name Credit Hours Prerequisite
1 Pharm-3503 Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics-I 3
2 Pharm-3504 Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics-I Lab 1
3 Pharm-3507 Medicinal Chemistry-I 3
4 PHARM-3508 Medicinal Chemistry-I Lab 1
5 Pharm-3509 Pharmaceutical Biotechnology 3
6 Pharm-3501 Pharmaceutical Technology-II 3 PHARM-2401
7 Pharm-3502 Pharmaceutical Technology-II Lab 1 PHARM-2402
8 Pharm-3505 Pharmacology-II 3 PHARM-2405
9 Pharm-3506 Pharmacology-II Lab 1
10 URED-3503 Political Thoughts and Social Behavior 1
Semester Number: 6
SL Course Code Course Name Credit Hours Prerequisite
1 Pharm-3603 Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics-II 3 PHARM-3503
2 Pharm-3604 Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics-II Lab 1 PHARM-3504
3 Pharm-3601 Cosmetology 2 PHARM-2301
4 Pharm-3602 Cosmetology Lab 1
5 URED-3604 Life and Teachings of Prophet Muhammad (SAAS) 1
6 Pharm-3607 Medicinal Chemistry-II 3 PHARM-3507
7 Pharm-3608 Medicinal Chemistry-II Lab 1 PHARM-3508
8 Pharm-3613 Oral Assessment-III 1 PHARM-2413
9 Pharm-3609 Pharmaceutical Analysis-II 3 PHARM-2409
10 PHARM-3610 Pharmaceutical Analysis-II Lab 1 PHARM-2410
11 PHARM-3611 Pharmaceutical Engineering-I 3
12 Pharm-3605 Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs 2
Semester Number: 7
SL Course Code Course Name Credit Hours Prerequisite
1 URIH-4701 A Survey of Islamic History and Culture 1
2 Pharm-4707 Hospital and Community Pharmacy 3
3 Pharm-4709 Pharmaceutical Analysis-III 3 PHARM-3609
4 PHARM-4711 Pharmaceutical Engineering-II 3 PHARM-3611
5 Pharm-4703 Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance 3
6 Pharm-4701 Pharmaceutical Technology-III 3 PHARM-3501
7 Pharm-4702 Pharmaceutical Technology-III Lab 1 PHARM-3502
8 Pharm-4705 Pharmacology-III 3 PHARM-3505
9 Pharm-4706 Pharmacology-III Lab 1 PHARM-3506
Semester Number: 8
SL Course Code Course Name Credit Hours Prerequisite
1 Pharm-4805 Clinical Pharmacy 3 PHARM-4705
2 PHARM-4806 Clinical Pharmacy Lab 1 PHARM-4706
3 GEHE- 4801 History of Emergence of Bangladesh 2
4 Pharm-4807 Medicinal Chemistry-III 3 PHARM-3607
5 Pharm-4813 Oral Assessment-IV 1 PHARM-3613
6 PHARM-4809 Pharmaceutical Marketing and Management 3
7 PHARM-4803 Pharmaceutical Quality Control and Validation 2 PHARM-4703
8 Pharm-4814 Project 4
9 Pharm-4801 Toxicology 2