Md. Mohib Ullah

Md. Mohib Ullah

Md. Mohib Ullah
Md. Mohib Ullah
Ph.D. Candidate at International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM)
Former Fulbright FLTA, University of Georgia, USA
BA (Hons.), MA in English (CU),
Assistant Professor
English Language and Literature
Mobile: +8801688717171,


Md. Mohib Ullah, a prestigious Fulbright FLTA alum from the University of Georgia, USA, gracefully encapsulates his passion for English Language and Literature into his academic career at the Department of English Language and Literature in International Islamic University Chittagong (IIUC), Bangladesh. As a passionate educator, Mohib is not content to confine his talents to the classroom. Instead, he eagerly extends his expertise to various professional platforms and altruistic endeavors across diverse roles.

Currently, Mohib serves as the President of Global Aid for Sustainable Development (GASD), a remarkable voluntary initiative spearheaded by US Exchange Alumni. In addition, his illustrious Fulbright experience is further channeled through his active involvement as a working committee member of the Fulbright Alumni Association Bangladesh (FAAB).

Simultaneously, he holds the position of General Secretary, Bangladesh English Language Teachers Association (BELTA) while also contributing his valuable insights as a Research Committee member of the association.

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Critical Pedagogy, Language and Media, Language, Power and Identity, Research Methodology, Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching, American Literature, Transcendentalism, American Short Stories, Romantic Poetry, Academic Writing, etc.